Honoring Lt. Henry Ossian Flipper Stamp

Will you help us to achieve one of our nationwide projects?

Lt. Flipper an African American is the First African American to graduate from the United States Military Academy, West Point in 1877. Lt. Flipper was born a slave in 1856 in Thomasville, Ga., yet he is the First African American to graduate from West Point.

WALB Reporter, Troy Washington, covered this story about the years this community has
petition the United States Postmaster General to approve the stamp application that was filed in1985.

The United States Postal Service Stamp Advisory Committee continuously providing a reply to all our petitions and letters, stating that the stamp to honor Lt. Flipper still remains under consideration for a future issuance. You as a citizen can help with this renewal project.

We are asking you again for your support by downloading the attached Lt. Henry Ossian
Flipper’s petition and get all your family members, friends, organizations and churches, etc. to sign the petition and mail it to: Postmaster General Megan J. Brennan, 475 L’ Enfant Plaza S.W. Room 10022, Washington, DC., 20260-0010 or mail or FAX copy back to the museum, the address is on the petition and or we will mail it for you.

The Jack Hadley Black History Memorabilia, Inc., a non-profit organization, organized a special committee, The Lt. Henry O. Flipper Commemorative Stamp Committee of Thomasville, to undertaken a renewal project of contacting every institution of higher learning to obtain their support. This effort continues with our soliciting every African American resource organization, each member of Congress, civil rights organization, cultural institution, religious, civic, and social national offices that we can. We are asking that you initiate one with in your hometown and communities and drive to write to the Postmaster General to demonstrate your support of a commemorative stamp in Lt. Flipper’s honor.

You may also write your own personal letter of support (see attached sample letter) and mail it directly to Postmaster General and copy or FAX a letter to the museum. We thank you for all your support in this special effort that we have been pushing for the past 29 years.

Please visit the Jack Hadley Black History Museum’s website at
www.jackhadleyblackhistorymuseum.com, and read more about Lt. Henry Ossian Flipper’s

The Jack Hadley Black History Museum is located at 214 Alexander Street, Thomasville, Ga. 31792 and is house in the old Douglass High School, located in the Dewey City Historic District.

It is a Black History Museum that exhibit over 4,517 African American artifacts.
We are a non-profit 501c-3 tax exempt organization. Donations are accepted and can be mail to the above address.

James “Jack” Hadley, President/Curator/Founder
Contact: 229-226-5029 or Fax 229-226-5084


Lt. Flipper Petition for Stamps-2014

Lt. Flipper Support Sample Letter 2014


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