Southwest Georgia Black History Celebration 2020

Southwest Georgia Black History Celebration 2020

You're Invited!

The Jack Hadley Black History museum is looking to continue its mission of educating not only student but the greater community about the impactful and relevant Black History. This year during Black History month the museum is planning for a lineup of activities for all of our guests and students to the museum.

The museum will be working with local artist Glenn Simmions, who works in a multiplicity of media and disciplines. Simmions art exhibition will capture the theme: “Black Life in Southwest Georgia, 1920-1950.” Much of the artwork have been created by Simmions and in some cases have never been exhibited to the public. Simmions work has appeared in national publications, and his work is in the collection of the Museum of African History, and the Brooks County Public Library.

The JHBHM will host an Art Experiential activity in collaboration with Friends & Stars, Inc. Through this collaboration, the JHBHM will bring in a trained art educator to lead an art activity with anyone that would like to come and participate. The activity will be conducted in two 2-hour sessions, and at the conclusion of the activity participants will have a completed project to take with them. 

The JHBHM has invited several of our local Public Safety Agencies and Public Emergency Transport Agencies to come celebrate Black History along with the area Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Clubs, from throughout Georgia and Florida. This is an educational day for all of our youth and guest to hear stories from the Buffalo Soldiers and from our local professionals from Public Safety Agencies to talk about their careers.

The JHBHM will host another gallery talk that will connect the artwork of Simmions to the JHBHM’s collection. During the activity we will talk and gain a better understanding of how Simmions contributions depicts art imitating life.

We are working with Documentarian, Frederick Murphy, Founder/Director of History Before Us to show one of his recent documentaries “The American South As We Know It.” Frederick travels across the country providing presentations on better understanding historical trauma in the African-American community by utilizing film. History Before Us Is a Gatekeeper in Capturing, Preserving and Advocating Influential History.